Silben Calm

Silben Calm

cream calms itching, relieves irritations and allows regeneration skin balance


Silben calm cream contains plant extracts that have protective, soothing and regenerative properties:

MARIGOLD: has a protective and soothing effect on the epidermis in case of irritation, stings insects and skin reactions caused by contact with plants
CHAMOMILE: relieves and calms redness and swelling of the skin
LAVENDER: soothes and helps skin regeneration
MENTHOL: provides a pleasant feeling of freshness and cooling

The basis of Silben calm cream is an emulsion that hydrates the epidermis. Because of also suitable for dry and irritated skin.


Apply a thin layer of cream and rub into the skin until it is completely absorbed.
It is quickly absorbed, leaving no traces.


In case of irritation and redness caused by the sun, it is recommended to avoid it prolonged exposure to the sun as long as the skin is irritated.
The extracts used in Silben calm cream contain alcohol: this may occur a burning sensation if Silben calm cream is applied to the wound and care should be taken when applied near the eyes.
Do not apply to serious burns.
Some people may be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients of Silben Calm Cream ( chamomile, lavender...). in this case, discontinue use immediately.



Matricaria chamomilla tincture 4%- Calendula officinalis tincture 4%- Nettle urens tincture 2%- Lavandula angustifolia aeth. ol. 0.4%, Menthol 0.24%- Excipients
Cream, tube, 40g