Herpes Patch

Herpes Patch

Plaster for labial herpes, 15 pieces in a package herpespatch_photo.jpg

Protects herpes. It reduces the discomfort associated with cold sores. It helps the process treatment.

Master-Aid Cold Sore Patch is an adhesive hydrocolloid patch that protects and cures the symptoms of labial herpes. The patch protects herpes and maintains an optimal level moisture to aid in the natural healing process. Calendula extract has an emollient effect properties that soften the outer epithelium on the surface of the mouth, reducing discomfort associated with labial herpes.

1. Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Not use the patch in combination with creams because it will not be able to stick to the skin. Before applications, wash your hands well.
2. Remove the patch from the package.
3. Remove it Master-Aid Silicone Tracing Paper.
4. Put a band-aid on a cold sore, carefully so as not to touch the sticky part with your fingers. Use the mirror provided in box to allow proper application of the patch.
5. Ensure adhesion with gentle by pressing around the entire surface of the patch.
6. Peel off the protective white paper.
7. Replace the patch when it begins to separate from the skin. The duration of the patch varies varies from person to person and in relation to the conditions of use (between or during meals).

1. Avoid touching areas infected with herpes.
2. If you have touched a cold sore, avoid touching your eyes and wash your hands immediately.
3. Avoid sharing glasses, utensils, lipstick, toothbrush or towel with other people.
4. The patch is made to treat labial herpes. Do not use on the inside of the mouth, mucous membranes or genital herpes.
5. It is possible to eat and drink while wearing the patch.
6. Not apply the patch again.

For external use only.
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